Fondation Boubo-Music:

Supporting young talented musicians

Goal of the Fondation Boubo-Music

Fondation Boubo-Music is dedicated to support young talented musicians either during their university cycle (Master performance, Master soloist…) or at the beginning of their career, especially when preparing for high level competitions.

The support consists mainly in lending string instrument.


Fondation Boubo-Music manages the lending of high quality string instruments including cellos, violins, violas, and bows.

Cello back

Principles of instrument lending


  • Age: generally, below 30-year-old.
  • Students currently studying in a Swiss Music Academy (level Bachelor or Master’s degree).
  • Musicians after validation of their Master’s degree in a Swiss Music Academy and starting an international career.
  • Highly motivated musicians participating in high level competition(s).

Basis for a string instrument loan allocation

The decision to lend an instrument to students is always made in collaboration with their teachers. The duration of the loan is based on the project presented by the musicians.

For musicians after completion of their university degree(s) a project describing the goal of their project and the need for an instrument must be presented to Fondation Boubo-Music representatives for evaluation.


At the time the musician gets the instrument a agreement is signed between the student/musician and the representative of Fondation Boubo-Music.

The benefit to the musician is that all loans are free of charge. This includes the maintenance of the instrument(s) and the insurance costs. By contract, the musician must comply with a strict maintenance program of the instruments (string instruments and bows).

Fondation Boubo-Music organizes chamber music concerts.

Concert hall

Founding members

The name Boubo-Music comes from a combination of Christine’s maiden name BOUyrie and Frederic and Julia’s last name BOdin. BOUyrie + BOdin = BOUBO.

Picture: Maia Wackernagel

Frederic Bodin

President of Fondation Boubo-Music

A physician and cardiologist by education. Worked more than 30 years as a senior officer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Passionate by Music and Art, has decided to support young musicians with the FBM.

Picture: Maia Wackernagel

Christine Bodin-Bouyrie

Vice-President of Fondation Boubo-Music

A physician by education. Worked more than 30 years as a state medical officer in France.

Passionate by Music, Art and Literature, she actively participates in the management of Fondation Boubo-Music and in the decisions made by the board.

Picture: Maia Wackernagel

Julia Bodin

Member of the board of Fondation Boubo-Music

Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne in environmental engineering, she is currently doing a PhD in environmental sciences and biology.

Passionate by Music and Photography, she brings her creative energy to the FBM and helps her parents in the management of Fondation Boubo-Music.

Picture: Maia Wackernagel


Fondation Boubo-Music would be grateful for your donations. This donation will be used to fulfil the goals of the Fondation. Any amount is welcome.

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